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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

John Kerry, Teddy Kennedy, and the Iraq War

Teddy Kennedy once said that his vote against the Iraq War resolution was the one of which he was the most proud. Yet his fellow Senator, John Kerry, voted against it.

Teddy said that he found the arguments in favor of it unpersuasive. Kerry was planning on running for President, as was Hilary. Did Kerry vote for the resolution solely because he was planning on running for President? I suspect so.

Many liberals voted against the resolution. So what separates those who voted for it from those who voted against it?

Did John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy ever discuss the issue, and did John Kerry say that he wanted to vote against it, but didn't dare because he was planning to run for President? I suspect he did.

If so, what does that say about the character of a man who would vote for a war that would cost so much in terms  of human lives, money, and pure divisiveness, in order to be President?



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