Don's Blog: November 2019

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Clay Shaw: 2019 Gulf South HIstory and Humanities Conference in Pensacola, Florida

I recently appeared on a panel with Dr. Alecia Long of LSU and Fred Litwin at the Gulf South History and Humanities Conference in Pensacola. Alecia spoke on attitudes reflected toward gays in memos written at the CIA, FBI, and other government agencies during the period prior to and during the Jim Garrison investigation. Fred spoke in quite a bit of detail on the Permindex/CMC aspects of the Clay Shaw arrest and prosecution. I was, more or less, the moderator and general commentator of the panel.

The audience, while small, seemed quite engaged about the topic(s). I was very encouraged that others are really digging deep on the many topics raised by Jim Garrison's investigation and prosecution of Clay Shaw. I had touched on both gay issues generally and Permindex/CMC in my biography of Clay Shaw, Man of a Million Fragments: The True Story of Clay Shaw, but it was more appropriate to deal with those in detail in individual presentations. Alecia and Fred set a high standard with their research, such that, by the time they had finished, the topics seemed settled. I was very impressed.