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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Clay Shaw biography released on Smashwords e-reader edition

My new full-length, detailed biography of Clay Shaw and re-examination of the Jim Garrison investigation, released last month on Amazon Kindle and Kindle app (which can be downloaded onto tablets and computers), had now been released in a preliminary version on the Smashwords e-reader format.

Go to and search for "Clay Shaw" and you will find it easily.

It is pending approval at Smashwords for distribution on all major e-readers devices and apps, including, Apple, Nook, Sony, and Kobo. Once approval for those formats has been granted, I will make an announcement.

The book has been doing well on Kindle and Kindle app, with good feedback.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

An aging Hugh Hefner finally confesses what many have long suspected: "I haven't had an orgasm since the late 1950s"

A team of Brazilian scientists studying parrot behavior in the jungle six hundred miles from Sao Paulo have found that some parrots have a sardonic sense of humor, while others have a distinct lack of humor about them. Parrots that constantly make sarcastic or satirical remarks are apparently bitterly resented by those who lack the talent for humor necessary for making such remarks.

Meanwhile, in Hollywood, octogenarian Hugh Hefner, founder of the Playboy magazine empire, acknowledged in a wide-ranging interview that he had experienced the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s "basically through the printed word."

Hefner said that one day in the late 1950s, after enjoying long bouts of promiscuous sex during the earlier part of the decade, "the damned thing just gave out on just stopped working. I must have gone to fifty doctors, but none could figure it out. It's still a mystery."

Hefner, at that time, faced a difficult choice: whether to go public with his ailment, the way many celebrities do today, or to put the best face on it and continue building the Playboy brand. "It's no secret that our fans like to see me having a good time, enjoying the new-found freedoms, and I just felt it was important to push forward with the image. It seemed like the best way, back then, to help others."

Hef said that it was still nice to have one or more Bunnies on his arm at all times. "I enjoyed their company. Yes, I did...And people saw that--they saw what they saw, and their minds did the rest. And we did things...Don't ever think we didn't have fun...We played a lot of dominoes...a lot of dominoes.

Asked about the revelation, one of Hefner's longtime competitors, Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt said it would be unfair to be overly critical of Hefner. "He was basically viewed s a moralist in our industry, somebody who was more of a tight ass...Saying what we could and couldn't do, telling us the limits of our profession. But he did pave the way for all of us, so we have to take a deep breath and remember that...And he's old, and I am not far behind him, so what goes around comes around."

In other comments, Hefner said that he still got his old pipes out  and walked around with them, although he hadn't actually smoked them in years. "It's a device--a prop. Everything is image--always has been."