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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Clay Shaw Biography Still Selling

Man of a Million Fragments: The True Story of Clay Shaw, still selling. The sales ebb and flow with big news bursts related to the JFK Assassination. Additionally, I continue to hear from individuals in far-flung areas who knew Clay Shaw, or knew someone who knew him.

Most of the contacts in the time since the book came out were people who knew him socially in some way, prior to his involvement in the Jim Garrison investigation. He knew a fascinating mix of people, and those who have passed often left behind their memories of him in some way.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Nashville: The Mood Series to Monitor Sexual Escapades by Public Officials

Nashvlle: The Mood, the series detailing the psychological underbelly of the city, will be following closely the developments in the Megan Barry case and the Casey Moreland case.

"Nashville has a way of giving surface coverage to these kinds of events," series author Donald H. Carpenter said, "and then having them drop off the radar, so that they can be handled behind the scenes. I have not great problem with that, but we do take note of those things in our series. We'll be monitoring not only the actual events, but the reactions to those events among community movers and shakers. Often, in Nashville, it's the local reactions that are more interesting than the events themselves."

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Wikipedia Entry for Clay Shaw

I was just reading through the Wikipedia entry for Clay Shaw, which seems woefully inadequate, considering his importance to New Orleans during a critical time, and also to the body of JFK assassination theory and history. This may be a case where the story, and his life story are so complex, whether in actuality or fictionally, that it cannot be captured properly in an encyclopedia entry.

It's true that the nuances of Shaw's life, the Jim Garrison investigation, and the Kennedy assassination in general do not lend themselves easily to simple explanations. I do not, however, that the Wikipedia article does not really give a solid list of sources for further reading, places the entry reader may go to find out the most complete set of details that can be put together about Shaw, his activities, and his role in the assassination.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nashville: The Mood (Part 6) now available as a Smashwords e-book edition

Nashville: The Mood (Part 6), the latest segment on my series on Nashville, done as e-book novelettes, is now available as a Smashwords edition. This makes it available on all major e-readers and the respective apps.

The story of gossip, hypocrisy, crime, deviousness, and the interaction between sex, religion, and politics (at least!), the series gives the alternative side of Music City.

The grand ole city continues to generate more than enough material for the latest volume, and Part 7 is now in progress!

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Monday, November 20, 2017

William Zetzmann and Clay Shaw

In my Clay Shaw bio, Man of a Million Fragments: The True Story of Clay Shaw, I include a lot of references to William Zetzmann. He was a very prominent civic leader who owned, among other interests, a soft drink bottling company. In my youth, I drank many a 7-Up and a few Big Oranges bottled by the Zetz Bottling Company.

Zetzmann was involved in the proposed international fair proposed very early in World War II for New Orleans, a Pan American style fair that, I believe, never came to be. However, it segued into what was to be known as International House, and the International Trade Mart. The INternational Trade Mart was managed by Clay Shaw from early 1946, essentially the beginning of promotion some two and a half years before it opened, through September 1965.

Zetzmann became the President of the International Trade Mart around June 1953, shortly after the death of founding President Theodore Brent. He would serve as President until his death in 1962, and was effectively Clay Shaw's boss during that time period. He seemed to have entered the job having complete confidence in Shaw, having already observed the job he did from his position on the board of directors. He seemed to give Shaw free rein to carry out the mission of the Mart. Of course, the Mart declined severely during this period, as there was a multi-year period during which plans for a new Mart building came and went and returned, various potential building sites were explored and abandoned, financing was proposed and fell through, and existing tenants left in greater and greater numbers. Also during this period, the close relationship between the International Trade Mart and International House fractured severely. There were many reasons for all this.

Zetzmann's death would usher in Lloyd Cobb as the President of the International Trade Mart. I will discuss Cobb in a later post.

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