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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Senator Lamar Alexander, On Heels Of Successful Frredom To Fish Act, Introduces "Shoot And Revive" Hunting Bill

Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) stepped up his efforts to aid sportsmen in the Volunteer State by introducing the Shoot and Revive Hunting Act of 2013. Alexander, fresh from the smashing success of his recently passed Freedom to Fish Act, allowing people to fish downstream of dams, said the new bill was a "giant step forward" in placing hunting in the same conservation-friendly position as fishing.

Fishermen everywhere are used to the "Catch and Release" concept, whereby fish are de-hooked and returned to the water after being caught. Apparently, word has spread from below the surface of the water to the fish's brethren above ground.

The Shoot and Revive program "will allow hunters to use manual and, if necessary, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to revive animals that have been shot and wounded; the animals would then be returned to the wild," Alexander said in an interview yesterday. "We are going to begin it with ducks and geese shot down from the air. Hunters will revive them and throw them back into the sir, preferably high enough to give them a good sendoff."

Alexander said that if the concept proves successful on waterfowl, it can eventually be extended to rabbits, squirrels, even deer.

"It's best to start slowly, and do it one step at a time," he said. "it takes a certain skill to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a duck or a goose, especially if it has been shot. Hunters will have to be properly trained, both in the method and their demeanor in dealing with the wounded animal.

"We can move on to deer later, even bear, since we now have a limited bear season. But there is no point in rushing until we know how to so it right. Let's not get too radical too quickly. One of our Michigan senators wanted to start it on wolverines right away. I suggested we evolve in that direction."

The bill, if passed, will take effect by the end of the year, in time for the new waterfowl hunting seasons.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Detroit, Bankrupt and in Weakened Condition, Invaded by Forces from Neighboring Windsor, Ontario

Windsor, Ontario, a relatively small city across the Canadian border from Detroit, launched a full-fledged military assault on the troubled American city of Detroit early this morning. The surprise attack came two hours before dawn, and by daybreak the invading forces had captured significant portions of the city.

"We've had our eye on Detroit for years," Windsor mayor Cam Wilson-Hyatt said around 8 AM in an interview with the BBC. "We've been watching it decline for sixty years. We knew we had to be patient, but at the same time we knew this day would eventually arrive."

Wilson-Hyatt said the Detroit had a lot of natural resources and assets, primarily empty housing and commercial structures. He said the idea was to immediately take over and occupy much of that empty space, and to eventually move portions of Windsor's growing population into the buildings, both residential and commercial.

"This is a complete takeover. There is no turning back. Once we have occupied the city, and have the voting power in place, we will be in the driver's seat to implement our long-term plan."

Wilson-Hyatt declined to give more specifics about the long-term plan, but hinted that it would include mass relocation of current residents. Asked where those lifelong residents of Detroit might eventually be relocated, he smiled and declined to comment specifically, saying only that, "The Northwest Territories still had a lot of empty space."


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Biography of Clay Shaw now available in Apple bookstore

My newly released biography of Clay Shaw, Man of a Million Fragments: The True Story of Clay Shaw, is now available in the Apple bookstore.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Biography of Clay Shaw available on all major e-readers?

My recently released biography of Clay Shaw, Man of a Million Fragments: The True Story of Clay Shaw, should be available on all major e-readers and their apps very soon, if not already. It has been approved by Smashwords for placement with Apple, Barnes and Noble's Nook, Sony, etc.

It has, of course, been available on Kindle and Kindle app since late May.

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