Don's Blog: At First Post-Election Meeting, Obama, Romney Secretly Discuss Using "Nuclear Option" On Dixville Notch

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

At First Post-Election Meeting, Obama, Romney Secretly Discuss Using "Nuclear Option" On Dixville Notch

President Obama and Mitt Romney met recently for the first time since the election. Among other things, the two apparently expressed their strong mutual displeasure with the town of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire and its longtime voting traditions. The small town in northern New Hampshire votes at midnight as election day begins every four years, kicking off the long day, and its results are widely reported.

"Thank God we ended in a tie there, Governor," the President was quoted as saying by an aide who requested not to be identified. "I thought you were going to eke it out, and people in the rest of the country were going to be influenced by that."

"Yes, I thought the same thing," Romney is said to have replied. "I got so damned angry--if you can forgive me one indiscretion, Mr. President. Why do those people have to get up at midnight, just to have a little publicity? Why don't they just hold some kind of maple syrup festival or something, and do it during daylight hours? This kind of thing could skew the whole friggin' election."

"You're indiscressing all over the place, Governor. By the way, Vermont is where they make the syrup, not New Hampshire....The solution is not to get angry or overly excited. You tended to do that in debates, and I think it cost you. What is you think needs to be done?"

"Have you thought of using the nuclear option?"

At that point, the aide, who was born in Nagasaki, Japan, chose to exit the room, so it is unclear what Romney meant by the comment. However, in ancient Mormon documents from the first half of the 19th century, the word "nuclear" was sometimes used as term that meant taking an additional spouse, or several, as a means of relieving the tension that has built up within a man due to his inability to quickly or privately solve an issue of great frustration.

Whether coincidental or not, a supply of supershort-range nuclear weapons, among the very smallest in the nation's arsenal, were seen, a few hours after the meeting, being positioned for testing along the northern Vermont-New Hampshire border.



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