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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Clay Shaw and Andre Shaw

In Man of a Million Fragments: The True Story of Clay Shaw, my biography of Clay Shaw, I answered many questions that had never been answered, and clarified many things that had never been clarified satisfactorily. However, there were still some things left hanging.

One had to do with a man named Andre Shaw. On March 1, 1967, the night Clay Shaw was arrested, Andre Shaw, then living in El Paso, Texas, called the FBI office in El Paso and told the agent in charge that if the FBI wanted to learn more about Shaw, it could contact Mario Bermudez, a longtime Shaw friend in New Orleans who traveled widely in Latin America and Europe. Andre Shaw called back later and clarified that he was not related to Clay Shaw.

About a month later, Andre Shaw sent a telegram to Clay Shaw saying simply, "Call me." and giving an El Paso telephone number. He also wrote Clay Shaw after his acquittal in 1969 offering congratulations.

From my own research, this Andre Shaw was born as Donald Ray Shaw, changed his name to Andre around 1942, and died in 1976, possibly in the Washington, DC area. He knew several foreign languages (his mother was French) and after serving in military intelligence in World War II, he applied for employment with the CIA in 1949, and seemingly was hired for a three-moth probationary period.

Andre Shaw married a woman named Clethia Ann Ray in the 1940s, and the two ived in Washington, DC, and supposedly had a child together. By the 1960s, however, he seemed to be single. He was questioned by the FBI on at least two occasions, one having to do with a kidnapped child around 1960.

If anyone knows more about this Andre Shaw, Clethia Ann Ray Shaw, or their child, who may be living today, please let me know.

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