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Thursday, August 22, 2013

US Government Falls Due to Wikileaks, NSA Revelations

The United States government fell this afternoon as a result of weaknesses caused initially by the Wikileaks revelations of 2010, and greatly aggravated more recently by the news of spying on Americans citizens, foreign governments, and international associations by the National Security Agency.

Supporters of the secrets disclosed by those revelations had long maintained that such admissions, and the information contained within them, would eventually bring down the Federal government of the US; skeptics had downplayed the possibility. It had been hoped that the recently completed prosecution of Bradley Manning would stem the tide until the arrests and imprisonment of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden could be arranged.

"We didn't make it," CNN legal commentator Jeffrey Toobin, a supporter of the secret-keeping, told the New York Times. "now terrorists are running wild in the streets of Washington, politicians are fleeing back to the heartland, and all appears to be lost. The only thing left to do is to rebuild from the ashes."

A representative of what was left of officials in Washington, DC said that all previously schedule sporting events in the city would take place, since a majority of the occupying terrorists were sports fans, although they preferred soccer.

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